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This album sounds like good music should sound. Grounded, great consistency, entrancing beauty, elevating. Highly enjoyable in continued repeat mode.
Henning Bolte (Europe Jazz Media)

[Pugs and Crows’] sound is rejuvinating, visceral, and absolutely stunning to observe. Their music contains virtuosic intonation accompanied by complicated chord structure yet it remains elegant and accessible. The members of Pugs and Crows are independently genius musicians, but together they are an avalanche of brilliance.
Maddy Cristall (CBC)

…Honour the scene that it’s come out of.
Alex Varty (The Georgia Straight)

This is music of great strength and beauty.
Alex Varty (The Georgia Straight)

Everyone [Knows Everyone] is a beautifully melancholy album. Each player is granted their time in the spotlight, dancing solos around each other in a calculated, delicate way and showcasing both innovation and restraint.
Louise Burns (The Westender)

To describe the musicians as flexible is a gross understatement.
Stuart Derdeyn (The Province)

…lovely adopting a more Manouche style until a ‘violent storm’ of noise crescendo metamorphoses into an industrial avant- rock sound followed by an abrupt ending.
Claude Lemaire (Enjoy the Music)

A complex yet very accessible mixture.
Elliot Simon (NYC Jazz Record)