• Everyone Knows Everyone — Pt. 2.

    1. Slowpoke (Reprise)
    2. The Treatment
    3. Run That Body Down
    4. It Began as a Mistake.
    5. Waltz for Two (feat. Debra-Jean Creelman)
    6. Puggin' Crow
    7. Goya Baby! (Reprise)
    8. Everyone Knows Everyone

    Recorded September 11th 2013, January 3rd, and July 19th, 2014 at Public Alley 421 by Chris Gestrin. Produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Gestrin at Public Alley 421. Artwork by Jeremy Crowle.

  • Everyone Knows Everyone — Pt. 1.

    1. Long Walk
    2. GOYA Baby!
    3. Under Water
    4. 7even
    5. Sloppy Slaughter
    6. Efforts
    7. Long Walk (Reprise)
    8. Slowpoke

    Recorded January 2nd 2012 at The Warehouse by Eric Mosher. Additional Recording by Chris Gestrin at Public Alley 421. Produced by Chris Gestrin. Mixed and Mastered by Chris Gestrin at Public Alley 421. Artwork by Jeremy Crowle.

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  • Fantastic Pictures

    1. Rats That Now Star
    2. Hibernation
    3. Bitter Cup
    4. Sam and Sara
    5. Talkin' Fish Instead
    6. Like the Clouds
    7. Blues for the Last Quarter of the 20th Century
    8. All Cycles are Vicious
    9. We Must Befriend the Ice Queen
    10. Bitter Cup (feat. Debra-Jean Creelman)
    11. Take One Away
    12. These Fantastic Pictures

    Recorded and engineered by Sheldon Zaharko at The Factory Studios and produced by the one and only Chris Gestrin.

    The eclectic mix of both indie rock and modern jazz sounds stays true to the band's well-loved cinematic soundscape, while layering in new, bolder sounds and unique sonic textures.

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  • Slum Towers

    1. Two Tasteless Italians
    2. Ramadan
    3. Scarecrow Shadow
    4. ...And Here My Troubles Begin
    5. Turducken
    6. The Night Jason Kearns Took Acid and Jumped Off the Causeway
    7. Scarecrow Shadow (feat. Debra-Jean Creelman)
    8. Trains, Chains, and Stomach Pains
    9. X-Mas with Tony Wilson (Has Been Cancelled)
    10. Don't Eat Your Friends
    11. Ballet for B.C.
    12. Song for my Screaming Ego

    Dramatic cinematic music inspired from experimental forms of Eastern European folk and modern jazz. "Scarecrow Shadow" featuring Debra-Jean Creelman.

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